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For Your Bookshelf: Push Here

For Your Bookshelf Banner

photoWe bought this book a few months back for Cam, but she’s just now getting to the point where she can appreciate the language and humor of it. This little book has a lot of good components to it. It has a humorous tone and requires kids to think about color, shape, and art. It is also interactive and requires the reader to follow certain directions (as the title suggests). The text is also simple enough and repetitive enough that emerging readers could read it.

A Little Weekend Listening

Weekend Reading.jpgThis week it’s a little weekend listening! Our public radio station has a local interest show called Insight. I don’t normally listen to it largely because it falls near nap time and right smack in the middle of our morning routine. But I made a point of listening this week because they had a segment on Montessori education. The host interviewed a local private Montessori school director and a chair of AMI. It was a very interesting and informative segment. It’s just over ten minutes long and I highly recommend it. Click the link below, it will begin playing immediately so adjust your sound before you click!

Insight’s Montessori Segment