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My Current Project

Resource Series BannerYou may remember a few months back I talked a bit about how I felt it was difficult to get a handle on what all the Montessori activities/materials were and in what order they should appear. I did a bunch of searching and found several scope and sequences (sort of) that helped me see better. The problem was, none of them were complete and they frequently didn’t match up exactly with each other. I was still a bit confused and frustrated.

So, this past week I’ve been working on creating my own scope and sequence. I’m essentially combining all the other ones I have found, but I am cross referencing activities/materials in a variety of sections where they have relevance. I’m also putting it together in several formats. My hope is not only to use it myself with Cam, but to share it here and I thought it could be helpful for people to have it in visual, outline, curriculum map, and check-box formats. That way you can access it in whatever way makes most sense for you. I’m still plugging away at it, but hope to have it to share pretty soon, so check back.

Happy Summer!

I don’t know what it is, but I always consider the beginning of June to be the beginning of summer. Despite the fact that even in sunny California we can get a few more cloudy and cool days. I just wanted to note that for the summer I am going to relax my blogging schedule a bit. I’ve been trying to blog Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays as I have content, but I think I’ll be doing about half that for June, July and August. Once September rolls around I should get back up and running on a more vigorous schedule. Have a happy and safe summer!