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I have talked a bit about how we are trying to develop traditions in our family for Camille to connect with and have fond memories of. I’m also trying to use them to give her a cultural connection. Since my family is partly German we have chosen some German traditions to celebrate, one of which is Martinmas or St. Martin’s Day (celebrated on November 11th).

Traditionally young children make lanterns and then parade around their neighborhood

singing songs. It’s a late harvest festival and festival of lights. St. Martin himself is best known for sharing his cloak with a beggar who was freezing late one winter night.

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Since there are not very many young German children in our neighborhood we decided to simply make some lanterns and rolled beeswax candles to give to a few of our neighbors. I chose a lantern that was lovely enough to give away, but also simple enough that I could include Cam in the making. (It looks quite complex, but in reality was incredibly simple.

Traditions Banner

Find the tutorial here.) She applied all the glue to the pieces and helped me stick them

together. She then helped me roll the majority of the candles (she also choose the wax color at the store).

Nothing too fancy, but all meaningful pieces for a little family celebration.After dinner we made a special Martinmas cookie that we have been making in my family for years for Christmas.¬†We also purchased a coat to give to the local coat drive in honor of Martin’s gift to the beggar.

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