Night Rhythm

I mentioned a few weeks back that we started a bedtime routine. We haven’t previously had one and I haven’t ever felt like we needed one, per se, but in my Waldorf reading I was inspired to have a poem, story, and candle at bedtime.

Night Rhythm

So far it’s been going really well. We have an order written out which is more to help remember what the pieces of the rhythm are than a set plan of action. Cam knows all the pieces and is especially fond of snuffing the candle (she calls it “nuffing”). Just this week I’ve begun asking her to choose the story for the night and she is relishing that too (as am I). I do reserve the right to add in or switch stories if there is a particular story I want to read (to, say, emphasize a problem we’re having).¬†Even though Cam can’t read, I’ve written out the routine and her nighttime poem and posted it above her bed. She is aware that the sheet has the poem and routine and she looks at it from time to time.

The one thing I really don’t like about the routine is that it takes time! Cam used to just go to bed when it was time. We gave her warnings that the time was approaching and then we’d go climb into bed and go to sleep. It’s not that she fusses now, it’s just that I need to be more aware of what time it is in the evening so I can be sure to get the ball rolling. A minor complaint for something that has made our evenings special and magical.

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