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Summer Break

Well, I ended up taking a little summer hiatus from blogging. I hadn’t intended to, but every time I got up to blog on Sunday morning, I didn’t feel inspired. So instead of forcing myself and writing a bunch of lackluster posts, I took a break. I haven’t been entirely idle during that time. I thought of a few updates I wanted to make to the blog which I thought I would share (to keep me honest).

  • I want to expand my series For Your Bookshelf┬áto include not just titles but information on a topic, web resources, and possibly toy/supply suggestions. I have only begun to sort this out in my head and am not sure what format it will take. I will probably be renaming it For Your Classroom and that’s as far as I’ve gotten.
  • Cam has become really excited to help me in the kitchen preparing dinner. She has also reached an age where I feel comfortable having her help (read: she’s making less of a mess and is actually helping). I know there are tons of “cooking with kids” ideas and blogs and series out there, but I want to share what we’re doing. Seeing as this blog is less of a how-to and more of a place to share our journey with the mommy-sphere, I thought I would take that angle.
  • I also want to have more cross-over with my professional blog that I write, The At Home Librarian. I am incorporating more kidlit (that’s books for children, often chapter books for mid-elementary kids, but also picture books) into my book reviews there, and hopefully more about programs working with kids. I’m actually hoping to cross over on that blog as well by demonstrating how to use the Reggio approach (principles and ideas I’ve discussed and learned about in this space) in the library with elementary school kids. I haven’t done it yet, but I’m hoping to start that soon. Ideally, I’ll share links to the posts on either site so interested parties know I’ve written them and can see them. I can also scale down the activities for home use instead of the school-sized program it would be.
  • I’m also going to start up a new series where I focus on sharing the handwork things I’ve made for Cam. There are a couple Waldorf dolls I never posted good pictures of. I’m making her a fabric quiet book for her birthday. I also never shared the little felt farm animals I made for her last year.
  • Finally, we are looking at a Reggio school in our area for Cam. We’ll be visiting in a little over a week and, if we like it, applying. I know I’ve talked about homeschooling Cam, and that is still on the table, but I am discovering that Cam in very extroverted and loves to be around people. I think a few mornings a week in a program with other children may be a really good thing for her. Add to that that the program is Reggio inspired and looks incredible and I’m willing to give it a try. If there is space in the program and she gets in I’ll share about that experience here.

So, there is one more week left in July. I won’t post next week, but I will be back in August with some new things that will, hopefully, refresh the blog and my enthusiasm.

Activity in the Hive: May/June 2014

Lots of change in the classroom and bedroom this past month.

We have had new carpet for the classroom for ages (it was rescued from a remodel project) but haven’t had the motivation to move all the furniture to put it down. I got a bee in my bonnet a few weeks back, though, and wanted to repaint the room, so if we were going to go that far I thought we should re-carpet too. The whiter, fresh coat of paint and dark carpet made a huge difference in the room. It looks so much bigger and the carpet is better for building on (it has incredibly low pile).

The classroom now contains: puzzles and games (including a few Montessori activities like the Red and Blue Rods), blocks and building, and art space. The nice thing about having a special room for these things is that they don’t really fit into the bedroom. There is a table and place to do art or play any games that need a table space. There is also a really wide space for blocks that doesn’t need to be cleaned up every evening.

Classroom June 2104Cam’s bedroom now has a larger space for her small world and imaginative play. Her dolls are still out and all her stuffed animal friends are too. All we really did was move furniture around (Cam even told us where she wanted her bed to be) and remove a couple cabinets to make it look less cluttered and full. Having a corner to keep out her GloWorm house and her barn makes it easier for her to actually play with them- no complicated setup.

Bedroom June 2014

Slowly, but surely, we’re cleaning up the spaces in the house more and more. I like that they continue to grow with Cam as she has new interests that need new, different, or expanded spaces. The neat freak in me likes that they keep getting tidier, cleaner, and more organized.