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Activity in the Hive: Salad Spinner Art

I am making more of an effort to really give Cam some messy experiences. I’ll be addressing this more in another post, but a several weeks ago, now that the weather has turned nice, we set up a table outside and got out some paint. 

IMG_6205IMG_6209This was a really simple activity. All you need is a salad spinner, some paper cut to fit inside the basket or coffee filters, and paint. If you have squeeze bottles that will make it easier (buy them at the Dollar Store during the summer months). I thinned the paint with water so it would flow better and as soon as Cam saw me doing that she wanted to do it too, so it turned into a paint mixing project as much as a paper painting project. That was just fine.IMG_6210 

To do it, place the paper or filter into the salad spinner. Drizzle some paint in and close it up. Spin, spin, spin. Then open it up and see what kind of pattern it made. The art it creates isn’t going up in a gallery, but you can cut it up and use it for scraps in collages, you could use it on cards or tape it up in the window for awhile. It’s process art at it’s best. IMG_6207 


Separation of Home and Work

This week I just wanted to talk a bit about separating work life and home life and how that can be a struggle. I don’t think I’m alone in this and if anyone has suggestions I’m all ears. I also know that my jobs are not nearly as intense as other moms, many who work intense full time jobs. Part of the reason I keep my work to a minimum is because I have a hard time with keeping one from interfering with the other.  

I had a particularly unprofessional and nasty interaction with a future colleague this week. And now I have spent the last days and hours of last week reflecting back on it and trying to come up with a constructive response that won’t be coming from a reactive place. The unfortunate thing is, Cam lost out because I let it get under my skin too much. I haven’t been as attentive and, worse, she is picking up on my feelings of frustration and anger at how poorly I was treated.

I want Cam to see me deal with bad situations with grace and with firmness. I want her to see me stand up for myself while still being kind. But I don’t want to have her loose out when I need to deal with situations like this. I think this is just a “file under parenting is hard” situation. I don’t have a magical solution for how not to let this stuff get to me. I do try very hard to continue to remind myself to pay attention to Cam, take deep breaths, and let the frustration go. 

But this isn’t limited to being upset by an interaction with someone. This encompasses times when I have a project or deadline looming or even just when the to do list is hanging over my head.  It can be really hard to be present when I allow other things to creep in and bother me. In the fall I will be starting a one day a week library position and I am going to work very hard to have work stay at work and home be our sanctuary.