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Activity in the Hive: Sound Wall | Atomic Bee Ranch

Activity in the Hive: Sound Wall

We recently bought several large bales of straw and when the feed store loaded it into our truck they included the pallet with it. My husband wanted to use it for something and I had just recently asked him to build a sound wall for Cam so he decided to use the pallet for that. 

Sound Wall 1

Pallet sound wall

A sound wall doesn’t necessarily have to be a wall, but it is a space where children can explore the different sounds objects make when they strike them with their hands and with various mallets. We bought all out items at the thrift shop and my husband attached them in various ways to the pallet which is now mounted on our fence in the swing area. 

Included on the wall:

  • pot lid
  • metal bowl
  • loaf pan
  • ribbed plastic tube
  • small oven rack
  • plastic bin
  • metal muffin cups
  • two threaded rods with stacks of washers on them (seen on the right of the wall and in the detail picture to the right)
  • whisk (for whacking with)
  • metal spoon (also for whacking with)
Threaded rods and washers

Threaded rods and washers

At some point I would like to add some metal flatware bundled together and some canning jar rings tied together. I think those would add another little element. If you are interested in making on there are tons of ideas on Pinterest. It doesn’t necessarily require a pallet (we just happened to have one) and can be as small or large as you want it to be. Just be mindful of your neighbors who will have to listen to the “music” played by your child. 🙂

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