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Summer of Mess: Quiet Boxes Week 1 | Atomic Bee Ranch

Summer of Mess: Quiet Boxes Week 1

Part of this summer is working on Cam extending the time she is able to play by herself. We will both still be home come this fall, but I would like for her to be less dependent on me to play with her. That isn’t to say I will never play with her again. I just don’t want to feel like she constantly wants and needs me to be her playmate. I am also working on figuring out how to incorporate her into a lot of the chores I do. Sometimes it’s easier and more successful than others, but I think that gives her that connection she’s looking for when she asks me to play with her.

The other thing that seems to be happening is that Cam is phasing out her afternoon nap. She frequently still needs it, but there are some days when she just can’t fall asleep even though she’s tired. For those days I need something quiet that she can do, often without me. 

In order to help her find things to do when she goes off to play or during rest time, I have put together these quiet boxes (or busy bags, or I-can-do-it-myself boxes, or whatever you want to call them). 

This week we have:

Quiet Boxes Week 1

Box 1: Sewing burlap on an embroidery hoop. The holes in the burlap make it easy for her to poke the needle through and we can also pull the string out once she’s sewn it all in. 

Box 2: Paint with water book. I remember these from when I was a kid and I loved them. Cam is into painting, but I don’t want her getting the paints out if I’m not around to help set up. This allows her to paint without me. And it’s Hello Kitty. Thank you, dollar store. The bin has the book (which has tear-out pages) a paint brush, and a small bowl for her to fill with water.

Box 3: Small world play. I put some Play-doh, colored matchsticks, and rubber dinosaurs in this basket. I’ll see what she does with it. 

Box 4: Foam blocks and wet rag. I came across this idea on Pinterest. If you wet the rag and get the blocks wet with it, the water tension holds the blocks together tightly. This is great for building with what are usually flimsy blocks. 

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