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Summer of Mess: Sink or Float? | Atomic Bee Ranch

Summer of Mess: Sink or Float?

IMG_6248This was a perfect activity for a hot day. We gathered up a bunch of objects to test if they would sink or float. We carried them outside to the water table and tossed them in one by one. 

The most interesting conversation we had:

Me: Do you think you would float?

Cam: Yes, because I breathe air.

Me: Are you thinking about your lungs? [I thought this might harken back to a conversation she had last week with my stepdad about lungs and air.]

Cam: Yes.

IMG_6250 IMG_6251

If you try this…

…model what it means to make a prediction. I asked Cam each time we tossed in another object to make a prediction and it took her a little while to catch on to what I meant even with an explanation. I think it would have been faster if I asked her to make one and then modeled it myself. 

…be sure to get a variety of objects including bowls and containers. These are harder to know if they will sink or float. You can also fill them up with water and see if they float when full. We put in several of these and I’m really glad we did because it led to a discussion of boats and buoyancy. 

…this is a great time to break out the loose parts. We got out jewels, rubber bands, Christmas lightbulb covers (it’s a long story), plastic dinosaurs, buttons, and plastic ice cubes. If you’re willing to sacrifice a few, wooden objects might be interesting to throw in because they will float. 

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