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Summer of Mess: Soap Foam | Atomic Bee Ranch

Summer of Mess: Soap Foam

2015-08-06 17.14.14This is an activity I came across on Pinterest. I had planned on making colored beans to put in a bin, but for the second time this week discovered that I don’t have the material I need. *Sigh* We did however have several bars of soap that I had bought to do this back in May so I decided to break it out again.

2015-08-06 17.14.26All you do is pop the bar of soap on a plate and put it in the microwave. It foams up, but not in the way you would expect soap to foam up. It resembles whipped cream and is soft, crumbly and smooth to the touch. I microwaved a bar and half for about a minute. You can always add more time and I err on the side of less time because our microwave has the power of an atomic bomb. 

Cam was pretty excited to do this again and she got out some little pipettes and asked for a dish of water. We laid out the splat mat so the floor wouldn’t get slippery and put the foam on a tray. I would say Cam was engaged for a good 10-15 minutes squishing and rubbing and dripping water. 

2015-08-06 17.14.34If you try this…

…it’s got to be a soap that’s fairy light. We used Ivory, but I suspect other brands would work.Bar soap, especially Ivory is really inexpensive (a couple dollars for three bars). What I think is happening is that the moisture in the bar of soap is heating up and essentially boiling which causes the tiny air pockets to expand in the bar and pushes the soap up and out. I suspect if you have a denser soap, such as one with a lotion in it, it will have a more difficult time foaming up. 

…remember the foam will be hot coming out of the microwave. Don’t give it to your child right away. Let it cool. And know that it will remain hot in the middle so breaking it open might be a good idea. 

…you can cut the bars of soap in half and make less. Or I suggest cutting them in half to cut down on the microwave time and to ensure that most of the soap foams up. 

…don’t do this with kids who put things in their mouths. Eating soap is not such a great plan. 

…clean up is easy! Your kids already all soaped up. Just rinse and they’re clean. Same with the floor or splat mat, it’s soapy so a few good wipes cleans it up nicely. 

2015-08-06 17.16.18

Cam said this looked like a piano.


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