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Potato Cages & Rain Reservoirs | Atomic Bee Ranch

Potato Cages & Rain Reservoirs

Last year I really wanted to grow potatoes, but ran out of space in the garden. This year, as you can see on my garden plan, I made space for potatoes. I am not popping them into the ground or the straw bales, though. I read a few years ago about making cages for potatoes that are lined with straw and dirt. They don’t get great reviews for production, but I’m experimenting with them. They’re pretty simple to make so if I can strike the right balance between straw, dirt, and water (potatoes need to stay moist all growing season, which may make them less than ideal for our climate) then I think this will be the way to go.

You can read about how to make them here. As a side note this is a great site to browse around on for anyone interested in living on a tight budget. Here is the article from Oregon State about why potato cages don’t really yield great results. It’s a pdf and is well worth reading if you are interested in trying them out or need convincing not to. There is also a lot of good information about how potatoes grow and their requirements for getting a good crop of them. 

As I noted last month in my garden plan we went out and bought some enormous reservoirs to collect rain. 275 gallons each enormous. We tied them in with our gutter system and now the roof acts as a water collector. There are three reservoirs piped together in the front yard that will water the vegetable garden all summer long (hopefully). There is one along side the house that we are going to hook our hose up to for hand watering and then there are two more that we haven’t had time to hook up just yet, but will soon. 

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