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Reflecting 2016:2

Admittedly I rarely wait for spring to give our house a good deep clean. I wouldn’t say I do it often, but it never seems to line up with any particular season. Over the last six months I’ve really been looking around and thinking about how we have way too much stuff and that’s led me to purge a lot of unnecessary things we had accumulated over the years. (If the accumulation sounds familiar, don’t feel bad. I discovered if you have the space, in a house for example, it’s very easy to tell yourself that since you have the space you may as well hang onto things.)

I have talked about this before where I noted Cam has a few toys we have bought for her and a lot of toys both my parents and my husband’s grandmother saved from our childhoods. This has been a blessing and a curse. We struggle to get rid of the toys because of our emotional connections to them despite the fact that Cam really isn’t all the interested in many of them. And then that space conundrum rears it’s head- we have the space so we should just hang on to them in case she does become interested. On the other hand, free toys that are awesome!

Instead of fighting that I took a look around over the last six months and got rid of a lot of things around those toys. Streamlined. It took buying a couple pieces of storage furniture and a fair amount of reorganizing, but I think I’m really happy with how tidy, but inviting our spaces for Cam are now. 

Cam's Room 2Cam's Room 1