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A Little Weekend Listening: Connections

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We are very lucky to live where we do because our local public radio station has a classical music station. It doesn’t play classical 24 hours like it used to, but it’s pretty close which is fine with me. During the week the station plays music, but on the weekends they have several shows (centered around music) that air. A few are nationally syndicated, but two are locally produced.

Saturday at four is the show Connections which, if you are interested in classical music and music appreciation, is fabulous. The host chooses a theme and then finds pieces from medieval times through the present that are representative. We are not always home to listen to Connections, but they have begun putting up a podcast of it on their website. While all the episodes are worth listening to two weeks ago the theme was birds, a favorite topic in our house. Cam and I just listened to it on Wednesday and it features some excellent music including the incomparable “Lark Ascending” by Vaughn Williams.

I highly recommend giving the show a listen, especially if you are studying music, want to share music with your child, want to introduce them to classical music or want to teach them to listen carefully to music. Episodes are just under an hour long, but could in theory be broken up into several sittings. It’s one of those resources too that will teach you something as well as your child.

A sampling of shows:

The Avian Connection

The Spring Connection

The Irish Connection (in honor of St. Patrick’s Day)


Music Appreciation

Music BasketI recently came across this post about integrating music into your day. I just thought I would chime in on music. Our house is normally full of music. I am no singer, but I do enjoy listening to most types of music. My favorites are world and classical, but we also do electronica, pop, jazz, and a lot more.

One thing I remember about growing up was how full of music my life was. My dad is a luthier (violin maker) and so it shouldn’t be a surprise that we had music in the house. Many of my early memories are of listening and dancing to a variety of music. Now that I have my own daughter, I want that experience for her. I want her to love music and find a connection to it.

To that end, I have a basket of musical instruments for her to play with and I make a point to have music on at all times. Most of the time it is our local classical station (thank you Capital Public Radio!). Other times I turn up an old favorite (or new favorite) and let Cam dance around while shaking an egg shaker. She thoroughly enjoys this time and I am trying to be good about working it into our everyday routine.